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Friday, 30 January 2015

Home Manager Role

What does a Home Manager's role entail?

Well here is a definitive list to sum up this broad job responsibilities:

[1] Food
[2] Health
[3] Clothing
[4] Learning
[5] Entertainment
[6] General Adviser
[7] People Management
[8] Interpersonal Communication
[9] Multi tasking responsibilities
[10] Budgeting
[11] Domestic Engineer

Open Access: Where Are We Now?

Panel discussion (23rd October 2014 @ 19:02) opened up the debate on

Why is open access is so important?
What does OA (open access) actually mean for users who want to conduct academic research?

Academics giving away their work while publishers increasingly hike up their profit revenues which in turn compromise equality.

Why do we care about OA?
Social justice - not all of us can participate in an open access system which mostly comes down to economics. Is it only just economics?

What is meant by OA?
OA is a term that most publishers sell subscriptions depending on who has access to those resources much else relies on which academic institutions one belongs to is the determining factor here. OA is only freely available online unless access has additional usage rights.

What is a journal article?
We still reliant on 17th century model payment models. One should be able open their work to the public. 2020 open access established 97% articles could have been OA. Academics are under pressure to conform to OA.

How does OA affect independent information professionals working on the behalf of their client companies?

Access to OA content, JISC - provide fibre network

Is there a possibility academics might switch to publish their paper through a free blog website?

Two economies: tenure and greed prestige factors
Senior researchers benefit from a flawed system only to operate in a safe environment.

OA is fairly established, aware and afraid of it. Ways to test OA to make it more accessible to everyone. As a publishers need to constantly challenge themselves. Production value - cost money for top quality.

Why is OA important?
Collaboration and a need to do this together.

Young academics are afraid to share OA, a need to include institutional repository available online.

Digital preservation - readable; difficulty with access published works; published article work weekly.

Other forms of documents and OA: Institutional backing
Bad research can be promoted to the detriment of those seeking quality research material.

Where are we now?
Transitional phase, Academics been ignoring the challenges of OA

Characteristics of OA has been anti-corporate model more evidence of traditional publishers are doing well in OA. Strain of university budgets not yet been realized since commercial publisher continue to cause higher education institutions to haemorrhage.

Different OA models - multiple bundle is the tipping point payments system.