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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Keyword Lists

Keyword lists are the Simplest form of alphabetical controlled vocabulary. Often they consist of nothing more than a list of 'approved terms'; sometimes they include synonyms. They are simple and cheap form of terminology to develop and use, but are very limited in their usefulness, and applicable only to small files and unsophisticated users.

Perceptions of Cataloguing and Resource Description


Library, print, complex, legalistic, boring, unhelpful, obsessive, old-fashioned, centralised

Resource Description:

Web, digital, simple, pragmatic, interesting, useful, relevant, modern, local

Set of Aims for Catalogues of Printed Libraries

Location - identifying where particular resources are to be found

Collocation - bringing associated works (e.g. by the same author, or on the same subject, or in a series of books or reports) together

Information - providing directly some needed information, e.g. a full bibliographic reference, the full name of an author, the exact name of a corporate author.