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Friday, 7 August 2015

Institutional Repository Software IRS

What do we know about ' Institutional Repository Software?'

Well, if you were to perform a search query using natural language syntax, different results spring up with different meanings. For instance, click on the link "free institutional repository software" you will discover that these terms are not clearly defined nor easily defined for those of us who want to know a lot more information.

My understanding of institutional repository software or IRS for short, sums up what may constitute as IRS for example, BRICKS (software), DSpace, EPrints, Greenstone (software), Inventio, Islanora, Museolog, Omeka, OPUS (software), Refbase, RefDB, SobekCM, and Goobi; Digital Commons, Grid-Enabled, SimpleDL and VITAL (software).

All these different types of IRS software do not tell me what IRS actually does.

It may imply that the above number of software packages are open source used for running a repository.

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