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Friday, 31 July 2015

Open Access: What is it?

Open Access has become one of these popular buzz words recently, similar to social media, but unlike social media, open access maintains its mystic allure unless you happen to be one of those professionals who actually work in this exciting field we now call 'Open Access'.

So, what is Open Access or OA? Open Access has become the gatekeeper to all research creating knowledge that all hold in high esteem. It means unrestricted online access to research, which is mainly for peer-reviewed academic journals, but now includes other research like theses, book chapters, and monographs.

Open access falls into two types which are accompanied by peculiar sounding names, namely, gratis open access refers to online access free of charge, and libre open access refers to online access free of charge with some user privilege rights or additional usage rights.

Additional usage rights are often granted through various specific known as Creative Commons Licenses.

Gratis open access or OA is simply free online access while libre OA free online access including some additional rights to re-use material.

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