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Monday, 22 June 2015

Digital footprint as The New Panopticon

The new Panopticon is our digital footprint for what really impact on it is our constant desire to be watched matched by a constant desire to be seen given that this needy desire clearly demonstrates how society is implicit in this narcissistic online cannibalism we all call social media.

Our desires for content under surveillance, as well as other users content is becoming uncontrollably alarming, our desires constantly drive our anxieties to engage with social media websites, in ways, show a preference for blogging as some literature report only a minority blog given it require one to hold a consistent audience.

Our desires characterise our animality anxieties to an of constantly needing to be fed for the sole purpose of generating information. The digital footprint Panopticon is one such desire where it is both mobile and dynamically designed to keep us constantly moving towards a virtual Panopticon of total transparency while policy and regulations remain ever more invisible to us.

From here, different Panopticons begin actively manoeuvring simultaneously together while we remain ignorant about its true intent.
Unless users start transgressing policy regulations. This moves away from Foucault and Bentham model of a Panopticon of just being a physical building has now become anything digital in reality.

We impact our digital footprint physically by touching any smart device with a virtual keyboard, from downloading to uploading images and file documents. In social media blogging we add content within every context of blog entry post, when we visit and read a blog post, we add comments then we add more to the digital footprint when we decide to follow other student bloggers.

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