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Sunday, 26 October 2014

LIS Interview Questions to ask

Information Systems questions:
1. How far do you see your service becoming totally self-service orientated in the future?
2. What difficulties have you seen in making the intranet the preferred means of communication for all staff?
3. How could these problems be overcome?
4. How is the development of the IT infrastructure represented in your service strategy?
5. Do you have a plan for replacing and upgrading equipment in the medium to long term?
6. What is the relationship between the information services, IT support and other service providers in your organization?
7. How has this developed over the last five years?
8. What problems have been encountered and how we're they addressed?
9. How has the role of information systems staff changed in your organization?
10. What changes can be anticipated for the next five years?

Information Skills questions:
1. How do you market your information skills programme at present?
2. How do you cater for customers with special needs, e.g. isolated users or infrequent customers, such as part-time or distance students?
3. How could service provision be improved?
4. Who is involved in delivering information skills programmes, and why?
5. How does information skills training fit into your relationships with your sponsors?

People Management questions:
1. What motivates you?
2. How has this changed over recent years?
3. Are your colleagues motivated in different ways?
4. What is the staffing structure in your organisation?
5. What are its strengths and weaknesses?
6. What are the benefits of teamwork?
7. From your experience, what promotes or prevents teamwork?
8. How can this be addressed?
9. What is the equal opportunities policy of your organization?
10. How are equal opportunities supported in your library or information service?

Financial Management questions:
1. What are the main sources of income for your information service as a whole?
2. Has the funding pattern changed significantly over the last five years?
3. How do you expect your service to be funded over the next five years?
4. Who determines the overall and the detailed level of funding for your service?
5. What are the main factors and processes that influence these decisions?
6. How do you personally contribute to the planning and budgeting cycle?

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