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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Information Management Strategy

Information management strategy as I perceived it to be involves a process called a communication chain or information connection moving through various information lifecycles. Now what does this mean to us?
Managing information passes many lifecycles in other words it is disposed to becoming out of date, obsolete or totally redundant to the task it was previous thought fit for purpose. The key point here is communicating any strategy through an information connection or channel may also involve communicating through an information lifecycle. Driving any strategy requires communication in the format of recording information that travels in a lifecycle channel, information relies on what recorded data information has been disseminated from process to process using free energy.
Lifecycles and strategies complement each other but are normally dependent on structural frameworks designed to help facilitate life connection between their carriers of information and their information resources. Who are the carriers of information? We are these carriers or conduits of information which describes how information resources become dispersed in a ever changing environment, namely libraries and information spaces. This helps us understand how we ourselves impact our presence on how these information resources can be used in different information domains to drives those structural frameworks.

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